Case Study

Woody plants

The damages caused by allowing woody plants to grow and develop under solar panels is extensive. Not only will hot spots occur but shading will develop.

For many years I have seen the cutting of top growth through strimming or mechanical means the go to solution.

The unseen impact with this approach is that the roots below the ground are;

  • Maturing and becoming deeper and stronger
  • Becoming more difficult to control through the efficient use of spot treatment through selective chemical control.

Annual cutting not only adds to long term O&M costs but also will result in a far poorer chemical control rate as the plants root structure increases below the ground increases. Leaving woody plants is not an option. The longer they are left the greater the cost to eliminate.

Really good example of plant being cut whilst it is still growing and becoming more mature below ground.

Do contact us if you have sites that are experiencing woody plant growth. A detailed site-specific management plan can be developed and implemented to reduce ongoing challenges.